Mark Lueck was born in Washington in 1952. Growing up in Washington as a child was great, however, it was when his family moved to San Diego, in the early 60’s that young Mark’s life changed forever. Already fascinated with a love for hot rods and race cars, Mark felt right at home in Southern California, a Mecca for the hot rod and race car craze. Drawing race cars, hot rods and car monsters as a child would soon grow into a life long love and career for Mark Lueck.

Today, Mark is a far-cry from the kid who got reprimanded for doodling and sketching on his book covers. Mark has been commissioned by a number of great clients, such as the NHRA museum, Wally Parks, Don Prudhomme, Tom McEwen, Shirley Muldowney, Sea World Adventure Parks and many more established clientele, Mark has created a very rewarding life. Elaborate sea life and Sea World themed airbrush murals and graphic designs have been created on Sea World commercial vehicles. Mark also works with the San Diego Zoo, painting various animal hauling vehicles. He also painted the Joan Embery’s Bird Stage. Mark’s art can also be seen at The Heritage Of The American’s Muesum in Rancho San Diego. Mark’s magic touch is seen on car renderings, fine art oil paintings, and garage art. Not just an accomplished automotive artist, Mark also enjoys Wild Life and Western art as well. Mark’s love of racing is not limited to paper. Mark actually paints race cars, hot rods and assorted custom vehicles with air brushing, pin striping, and graphics. Drag racing is Mark’s main passion and it shows in his artwork.

One of Mark’s hobbies is owning , maintaining and driving race cars. Mark is able to capture the feeling in his paintings, knowing first hand what the thrill of his paintings portray.

The passion Mark has for painting will continue for many years with the help of his wife, Patti, of 40 years, who has been an instrumental part of running Mark’s business since they were married. Mark, Patti, and their three children who also have artistic talent live happily in San Diego, CA.



Mark Lueck is a pinstripe and airbrush artist with a passion for drag racing and automotive art, though he also enjoys oil painting wild life and western scenes as well. He currently runs Mark Lueck's Art & Design Studio in El Cajon, CA and some of his work can be seen at the Sea World Adventure Park, the NHRA Museum, and driving around in San Diego. Learn more about Mark

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